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DSIS 100 Disk Inspection

Seidensha's Disk Surface Inspection System 100 (DSIS 100) is an ideal solution to a more effective and efficient stringent quality control of magnetic disk media.

DSIS is an automated solution for defects inspection of the edge and surface of magnetic disk media. The solution comprised of:

  1. An automated transport system for incoming and outgoing disk cassettes.
  2. An automated optical inspection indexing station.
  3. An easy-to-operate user interface

DSIS minimizes human handling during inspection and human error in defects identification. The system automatically sorts out defective disks and stores the image of the disks inspected. Users can define the specification for rejection of defective disk.

The system comes equipped with a control server and a data server which transfers data to the local network promptly for reporting purposes. It comes with a user-friendly interface which makes ease for the use of the machine for different groups of people such as technicians and engineers.


Size (in mm) : 2442W x 1679D x 2500H
Weight (in KG) : 600
Floor loading : To be able to support up till 650 kg

Operating Environment Requirements

Operating Environment : Cleanroom Class 1,000 or better
Temperature Range :
20°C ± 2°C (68°F ± 3.6°F)
Relative Humidity :
70% and below, Non-condensing

Electrical Requirements

Input Voltage :
200VAC, 25A, 3-Phase, 3-wire configuration
100VAC, 60A, Single Phase, 3-wire configuration
Frequency :

Air Input Requirements

High Pressure Air (HPA) :
Clean, dry air at ≥4.5bar
Incoming Air Inlet :
Ø10mm tubing
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