DI 102/ DI 104 Disk Lifter

Both DI 102 and DI 104 are designed to meet the stringent quality demands of hard disk media industry. It is also a cost effective and reliable system for production quality control.

DI 102 is designed to handle 95mm disk media and is capable to handle both process (175mm) and shipping (200mm) cassette. Users of DI 102 also have the flexibility to inspect selected disk or even every single disk within a cassette.

DI 104 is designed to handle shipping (200mm) cassette for different disk sizes (95mm disk cassette, 65mm/48mm disk cassette and 27.4mm/21,6mm disk cassette). Users of DI 104 can operate and inspect every single disk with the ease of a control stick. the system is built with a notification buzzer to indicate to the user that the system has reached either ends of the disk cassette.

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